If you or someone you know are planning to renovate a home or add a jetted tub, hot tub, multiple shower/body spray unit, or just another bathroom – more than likely there will be a need to upgrade the hot water supply. This can easily be accomplished with the installation of a sleek new Ruud tankless water heater. Our indoor or outdoor tankless models save ample space because of their simple design and compact size. If your home is located in a high altitude region, only Ruud tankless water heaters offer unique technologies for efficient operation up to and above 9,000 feet.

You’ll love our tankless water heater for providing a continuous flow of low cost hot water for an extended period of time. Better yet, by choosing our innovative tankless water heater to supply your new addition, you will enjoy all the benefits from advancements that have been made in our award-winning water heating technology.

We offer a variety of tankless water heaters that can supply enough hot water for any renovation or home addition. If you are interested in enhancing your renovation or home addition with an energy efficient Ruud tankless water heater, please contact us today.