Need a space saving, energy efficient alternative for your business and commercial hot water needs? Then you need a tankless water heating system from Ruud.

Ruud tankless water heaters are truly unique because they deliver ample hot water (up to 185 degrees F) continuously for an extended period of time. Commercial applications requiring extra large volumes of tankless hot water will benefit from our exclusive manifold capabilities (up to 20 tankless units). Unlike other brands of tankless water heaters, our manifold capability is simplified by requiring only one modulating controller and one remote control. Plus, if your business is located in a high altitude region, only Ruud tankless water heaters offer unique technologies for efficient operation up to and above 9,000 feet.

Ruud’s tankless water heaters can supply enough hot water for any commercial use, plus they qualify for federal tax credits for energy efficiency. If you are interested in saving money in hot water expenses for your business, please contact us today.