Introducing EcoNet:

The Smart Home System for Heating,
Cooling and Water Heating.
How it works
  • Learn how EcoNet works, and explore the Smart Home System components.

    By bringing your Air and Water systems together, EcoNet makes it easier than ever for customers to save energy and achieve that perfect temperature—all while giving you the diagnostics you need to deliver that perfect level of service.

  • The homeowner apps & mobile-friendly web portal are used to remotely program and make setting adjustments on EcoNet Enabled systems. Also provides notifications for maintenance reminders and equipment alarms.

    The mobile apps & mobile friendly web portal are powerful—and absolutely free. The Ruud EcoNet app is available for Apple & Android mobile devices.

  • Required to operate an EcoNet Enabled Heating and Cooling system. The Control Center also works with EcoNet Enabled Electric and Hybrid Tank Water Heaters and is compatible with Comfort Control2 System Air Conditioner and Heat Pump models when matched with an EcoNet Enabled indoor unit.
  • Required to remotely operate EcoNet Air & Water systems from the EcoNet web portal and mobile apps.

    Note: Kit contents optimized for each application.
  • Required to enable Comfort Control2 System outdoor air conditioner and heat pump products to fully communicate with an EcoNet Enabled indoor unit.
  • Recommended for installations of EcoNet Enabled indoor Heating and Cooling units when combined with non-communicating outdoor units. Supports a Dual Fuel system, and displays the outdoor temperature on the Control Center.
  • Automated Installation – Automatically detects equipment for hassle-free installation.

    Simplified Service – Descriptive alerts identify components requiring attention.

    Customer Relationships – Contractor contact information automatically displays in EcoNet app when equipment alerts occur.

  • Comfort – Monitors and adjusts connected air and water systems to create a homeowner’s ideal environment.

    Savings – Puts complete control of up to 65% of home energy use in one place, allowing homeowners to manage energy consumption like never before.

    Convenience – With the Control Center’s simple touch screen interface, mobile-friendly web portal, and mobile apps, it has never been easier to make temporary modifications, create weekly schedules, or plan for vacations.

    Peace of Mind – From maintenance reminders to critical alarms, ensures homeowners are notified any time air and water systems require attention.

    To learn more, visit the
    EcoNet site for Homeowners. >
EcoNet works with many Ruud home comfort products, offering an affordable solution that satisfies everyone’s budgets and lifestyles.
  • EcoNet Enabled Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners
  • EcoNet Enabled Gas Furnaces and Air Handlers
  • EcoNet Enabled Electric & Hybrid Tank Type Water Heaters
  • EcoNet Enabled Gas Tank Type Powered Damper Water Heaters
  • EcoNet Enabled Gas & Heat Pump Pool & Spa Heaters (Coming Soon)
Selling Points
  • A simple touchscreen interface, wireless capabilities and convenient mobile apps provide homeowners with total control of their air and water systems—anytime, anywhere. Plus, homeowners can receive timely alerts and other important diagnostic information while at home or on-the-go.

    For nearly a century, Ruud has been at the forefront of home comfort technology, offering innovative solutions that fit the way homeowners live. Now, we are delivering an advanced level of convenience and efficiency for homeowners while helping contractors achieve a higher level of sales and service.
  • EcoNet allows homeowners to manage up to 65% of their home energy use from anywhere.*

    EcoNet technology is already integrated into many Ruud Heating, Cooling and Water Heating products, and new products are launching all the time.

  • The mobile apps & mobile-friendly web portal are powerful—and absolutely free. The Ruud EcoNet app is available for Apple® & Android mobile devices.

Have a question about offering EcoNet Heating, Cooling and Water Heating solutions to your customers? Just ask!
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