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Get to know your EcoNetTM. As you review the Basic Settings, keep in mind that your comfort matters, so if a program schedule is not desired you can easily turn it off.

Basic Settings

Follow Schedule

If a programmed schedule is not desired, select this item and change to “No”.

Schedule Override Time

While a schedule is running, if a set temperature change occurs on the main screen, the change will be in effect for the specific amount of time selected.

Main Screen Lock

To lock the main screen from any changes, enable the lock. To unlock, enter the Basic settings menu again and select unlock. This locking function prevents any changes except changes made from the Basic Settings.

Alarm Beep On/Off

This item will turn the alarm beeper on and off.

Auto-Changeover Time

While Auto mode is selected, this is the amount of time a demand must exist in the opposite mode in order for the system to switch to that mode.

Set Point Deadband

This setting displays the minimum degree difference between heating and cooling set points.

Inside Temp Sensor Offset

This is an offset applied to the displayed room temperature.

Temperature Display

This displays whether you are using Celsius or Fahrenheit

Humidity Settings